Finally, my “best of 2010” list has arrived.

Reviews for most of these films can be found on my blog but I didn’t bother inserting a clickable link for each title.  You can find the titles on the handy alphabetical list to the right or simply utilize the search feature on my blog.  Thanks! Top Ten Films of 2010: The Fighter Mesrine The … Continue reading

5 reasons Vincent Cassel is the man.

5.   He often provides the voiceover for Hugh Grant in the French versions of his films.  That’s pretty awesome, right? 4.   “Feel My Touch.  Respond to it.” 3.   La Haine. 2.   Monica Bellucci. 1.  This:

Black Swan

“I know it’s been done to death… but not like this.”  That’s what director Thomas Leroy (the intoxicating Vincent Cassel) tells his ballet company when he announces they’re beginning the season with a new production of Swan Lake, explaining it will be “stripped-down” and “visceral.”  He might as well have been talking about Black Swan … Continue reading

Review: Mesrine (Both Parts)

Disappointed by Public Enemies?  Put to sleep by American Gangster?  Well, this is the gangster flick for you.  Where recent Hollywood gangster sagas have floundered, Mesrine kicks serious ass.  Eat your hearts out, Denzel and Johnny… Vincent Cassel is the fucking man.  Mesrine’s story is told in two installments.  The first (Killer Instinct) chronicles his … Continue reading

A Recommendation – Mesrine: Killer Instinct

Tonight I attended an early screening of Mesrine: Killer Instinct, the first half of the two-part French gangster saga starring Vincent Cassel.  Although the film is being released in two parts, I’m going to look at them as if they are just one massive epic so I’m not going to post my full review until … Continue reading