This weekend sucks.

The lone new release hitting theaters this weekend the found-footage exorcism movie The Devil Inside, which I will not be seeing.  I hate found-footage movies.  And I hate exorcism movies.  This movie could not be less appealing to me unless it starred Katherine Heigl and a horse.  Surely Heigl is reading the script for the … Continue reading

Just a thought…


What went wrong with Knight and Day?

It’s a fun flick, but audiences aren’t having it. When a film as seemingly marketable as Knight and Day teams two of the world’s biggest stars and boasts a reported production budget of over $100 million, you can’t help but wonder what went wrong when it only manages to muster around $20 million in its … Continue reading

Movie Review: Knight and Day

With Knight and Day, Tom Cruise has apparently come to the realization that his zany irreverence is better suited for the big screen than Oprah’s couch.  His fans thank him for it, as Knight and Day delivers the best Cruise we’ve seen since 2004’s Collateral. He is downright hilarious and has never been more believable … Continue reading