Morning Glory

Morning Glory, like its protagonist, is so lovably corny that you can’t help but root for it.  Rachel McAdams plays the obligatory career obsessed yet socially awkward rom-com lead, but does it with so much spunk and vigor that you completely forget she’s a cliche. When McAdams gets canned from her job at Good Morning … Continue reading

Review: The Switch

Consistently funny but far from versatile, Jennifer Aniston may have met her male acting equivalent in fellow former sit-com star Jason Bateman.  But while Aniston’s name may sit atop the movie poster for The Switch, make no mistake… this is Bateman’s movie. It seems artificial insemination is “in” this year, and semen jokes are surely … Continue reading

Movie Review: The A-Team

When I reviewed The Losers a few months ago, I called it the “b-team” to this summer’s A-Team movie due to its modest budget and lack of frontline stars.  I’m not saying that a movie needs to have a bunch of high profile actors and cost $100 million to be great, but in this case … Continue reading