7/13 DVD Rundown

Plenty of choices this week, but the best options are the ones you likely haven’t heard much about… The Greatest (Shauna Feste, 2009) With Pierce Brosnan, Carey Mulligan, Susan Sarandon, Aaron Johnson, Johnny Simmons and Michael Shannon. This movie got the ol’ Montreal Screwjob back in April when its distributer dumped it into 19 measly … Continue reading

The Indies: Margot at the Wedding

“It’s hard, I think, to find people in the world you love more than your family.” Margot at the Wedding (Noah Baumbach, 2007) With Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jack Black. I hate Nicole Kidman.  I almost always hate Jack Black.  I like writer/director Noah Baumbach so much that I watched this movie anyway. … Continue reading

Movie Review: Greenberg

Roger Greenberg might be the most unlikable protagonist in film history.  He seems to have a problem with everything and prides himself on writing complaint letters, but he never uses his supposed knowledge and expertise to make any sort of worthwhile contribution to society.  Hey, that kind of sounds like a film critic… but I digress. … Continue reading

Best of the Decade #9: The Squid and the Whale

I like the big budget blockbusters just as much as the next person, but anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for those little independent dramedies.  I’m always amazed when I see a bare bones film that relies on nothing more than a strong screenplay, good actors that are perfectly cast, and classic … Continue reading