Midnight in Paris

Even though he only bats about .300 these days (good in baseball, not so good in Hollywood), what continues to amaze me most about Allen is his ability to churn out story after story, year after year, without any of them feeling like a rehash of his past successes.  Midnight in Paris feels like classic … Continue reading

Movie Review: Inception

It is extremely rare for a film with as much hype surrounding it as Inception to somehow exceed expectations.  It’s even more rare for a film this aesthetically stunning to have its technical prowess matched by an equally brilliant story and concept.  Inception is that rarity.  It’s an absolute masterpiece. Leonardo DiCaprio, who was great in … Continue reading

Movie Review: Nine

Remember that telephone game we used to play when we were kids?  We would start with a certain message at one end, and that message would be sent from person to person until it reaches the end of the chain.    The farther down the chain the message got, the more opportunities there were for it … Continue reading