Movie Review: Inception

It is extremely rare for a film with as much hype surrounding it as Inception to somehow exceed expectations.  It’s even more rare for a film this aesthetically stunning to have its technical prowess matched by an equally brilliant story and concept.  Inception is that rarity.  It’s an absolute masterpiece. Leonardo DiCaprio, who was great in … Continue reading

Shutter Island’s Ending: My Explanation

SPOILER ALERT! Please be advised that this article gives away the ending of the movie.  If  you have not yet seen the movie, I would like to redirect you to my review. Keep in mind that this is just one man’s theory, an interpretation of the events that transpired in the closing minutes of Shutter … Continue reading

Movie Review: Shutter Island

The horror film has been made into a joke, a parody of itself.  The genre has been tarnished in recent years, cluttered by an influx of mindless remakes and shock-reliant torture flicks.  The days of Hitchcock, Kubrick and Carpenter bringing beauty and style to their terror are long gone.   Leave it to a 67-year-old Oscar … Continue reading