Finally, my “best of 2010” list has arrived.

Reviews for most of these films can be found on my blog but I didn’t bother inserting a clickable link for each title.  You can find the titles on the handy alphabetical list to the right or simply utilize the search feature on my blog.  Thanks! Top Ten Films of 2010: The Fighter Mesrine The … Continue reading

Spring Report Card

I think it’s safe to say that the movie year can be split into three very distinct seasons.  They are as follows: Spring (January – April).  I like to call this “dumping season” because we get a lot of B-type releases and typical genre pictures.  These movies generally aren’t strong enough to warrant awards promotion … Continue reading

Movie Review: Kick-Ass

They’re not wearing hockey pads. We’ve seen glimpses of superhero wannabes in movies like The Incredibles and The Dark Knight, so we knew it would only be a matter of time before an entire movie was devoted to the concept.  That movie comes in the form of Kick-Ass. It’s a slick, stylish and hilarious movie … Continue reading

The Weekly Seven: 2010 Preview

I’m going to make this a recurring segment.  Essentially it is just going to be a weekly list of seven things under whatever category I want.  This should be fun.  This week’s list is: Seven most anticipated movies for 2010 (or at least the first half or so): Shutter Island (Release Date:  February 19) This … Continue reading