True Grit

Some interesting moral dilemmas arise in True Grit.  Is it wrong to steal from a thief?  Can retribution be found in the death of a murderer?  Justice?  Or merely punishment? That’s not to say these questions weren’t proposed by the original 1969 adaptation of the Charles Portis novel.  While many have called this new version … Continue reading

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Michael Douglas makes a triumphant return to the role that won him an Oscar, but Oliver Stone proves with this sequel to 1987’s Wall Street that he has completely lost it as a filmmaker with his blend of pseudo documentary stylings and some of the most ridiculous montages I’ve ever seen.  Only the opening titles … Continue reading

Cool Stuff: Get Gritty on Christmas 2010!

Christmas is awesome, especially at the movies.  It always manages to capture summer-caliber blockbusters and the major Oscar contenders together on the same weekend, leaving something for everyone to see.  It has just been announced that the Coen Brothers’ reimagining of True Grit has been positioned for a Christmas 2010 release.  The cast includes Jeff … Continue reading