Tuesday DVD Rundown

Okay, so I’ve really got nothing new to offer you this week aside from a brief overview with corresponding links to movies I’ve already reviewed.  They can’t all be winners now, can they?  At least all three of these movies are pretty solid options. Worth a rental: It’s Complicated (Nancy Meyers, 2009) With Meryl Streep, … Continue reading

Movie Review: It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated is the name of the new film from Nancy Meyers, the woman behind movies like What Women Want and Something’s Gotta Give, but the movie might not be as complicated as its title suggests.  It is a very funny movie about a middle aged woman having an affair with her ex-husband.  See, not so complicated, right? … Continue reading

A Christmas Day Dilemma

It has become somewhat of a tradition in my family to go see a movie on Christmas Day.  The choice is usually easy, as we typically end up seeing whatever movie Will Smith has in theaters at the time (past movies seen on Christmas Day include Ali, The Pursuit of Happiness, and Seven Pounds).  Seeing … Continue reading