Tuesday DVD Rundown

Anyone ever wonder how the studios decide when these DVD’s get released?  This week just seems like poor planning because we’re getting three stereotypical “guy” movies when we haven’t had anything of the sort in recent weeks.  Oh well, here we go… Worth a purchase: Daybreakers (Michael and Peter Spierig, 2010) With Ethan Hawke, Willen … Continue reading

Spring Report Card

I think it’s safe to say that the movie year can be split into three very distinct seasons.  They are as follows: Spring (January – April).  I like to call this “dumping season” because we get a lot of B-type releases and typical genre pictures.  These movies generally aren’t strong enough to warrant awards promotion … Continue reading

Movie Review: Daybreakers

Vampires are all the rage these days.  HBO has found a huge hit with True Blood and Twilight has become a pop culture phenomenon, but it seems like vampires have softened up over the years.  Even with the recent influx of vampire-related entertainment, we haven’t seen a truly kick-ass vampire movie since 30 Days of … Continue reading