Midnight in Paris

Even though he only bats about .300 these days (good in baseball, not so good in Hollywood), what continues to amaze me most about Allen is his ability to churn out story after story, year after year, without any of them feeling like a rehash of his past successes.  Midnight in Paris feels like classic … Continue reading

Movie Review: Predators

What’s a guy like Robert Rodriguez to do when he’s set to begin work on a new Predator movie and The Governator is no longer available for such roles?  Well, since Brock Lesnar’s acting career hasn’t yet begun, you naturally go the complete opposite direction and cast an All-American puny-man like Adrien Brody.  Brody, who … Continue reading

Movie Review: Splice

Adrien Brody and Sarah Polly play two of the dumbest smart people in movie history in the new sci-fi horror flick, Splice.  Polley (Dawn of the Dead) is a baby-craving overzealous scientist with mommy issues, and Oscar-winner Brody (The Pianist) is her all-obeying pushover husband.  While they’re both good actors and their performances in this … Continue reading