My Chicago International Film Festival recap

In case you’re wondering why updates have been few and far between, it’s because I just ended my stint working for the Chicago International Film Festival.  For the past month I have been working roughly 60-hour weeks, and today is my first day off in about a month.  It’s been a lot of fun though, … Continue reading

Indies: The Girlfriend Experience

“If they wanted you to be yourself, they wouldn’t be paying you.” The Girlfriend Experience (Steven Soderbergh, 2009) With Sasha Grey and Chris Santos. Not all of Steven Soderbergh’s movies are great, but I really admire the way he can make mainstream flicks like Erin Brockovich and Oceans Eleven only to turn around and make tiny … Continue reading

The Indies: Five Minutes of Heaven

“No one was telling me anything other than that killing is right.  It was only in prison when I heard that other voice.” Five Minutes of Heaven (Oliver Hirschbiegel, 2009) With Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt. In 1975, an 11-year-old boy witnessed the murder of his older brother by a member of the UVF.  33 … Continue reading

The Indies: Wendy and Lucy

“If a person can’t afford dog food, they shouldn’t have a dog.” Wendy and Lucy (Kelly Reichardt, 2008) With Michelle Williams and Will Patton. Wendy and Lucy is a wonderful testament to companionship and determination, one of those intimate and personal films you can fully immerse yourself in.  It’s anchored by a beautifully heartbreaking performance … Continue reading

The Indies: Margot at the Wedding

“It’s hard, I think, to find people in the world you love more than your family.” Margot at the Wedding (Noah Baumbach, 2007) With Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jack Black. I hate Nicole Kidman.  I almost always hate Jack Black.  I like writer/director Noah Baumbach so much that I watched this movie anyway. … Continue reading

The Indies: The Vicious Kind

The Vicious Kind (Lee Toland Krieger, 2009) With Adam Scott, Brittany Snow, Alex Frost and J.K. Simmons. This is precisely the type of indie dramedy we have come to expect out of the Sundance film festival.  Adam Scott (you know him as the asshole brother from Step Brothers) stars as a man who was recently … Continue reading

The Indies: In the Loop

In the Loop (Armando Iannucci, 2009) With Peter Capaldi, Tom Hollander, James Gandolfini and Steve Coogan. I’ve been wanting to see this film for a while based on its wealth of outstanding reviews, and its recent Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay inspired me to finally pull the string.  It’s a shame that Up in … Continue reading

The Indies: House of Games

House of Games (David Mamet, 1987) With Lindsay Crouse and Joe Mantenga. It is amazing how much one performance, either good or bad can effect a film.  A great performance, like that of Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart, can make an otherwise mediocre movie quite enjoyable.  The opposite case holds true in House of Games.  … Continue reading

The Indies: The House of the Devil

The House of the Devil (Ti West, 2009) With Jocelin Donahue, Greta Gerwig and Tom Noonan. Horror fans rejoice!  The House of the Devil is a slow building throwback to the classic horror films of the 70s and 80s.  It is character driven and its scares are in the ever-increasing paranoia and suspense, which is … Continue reading

The Indies: The Boys are Back

The Boys are Back (Scott Hicks, 2009) With Clive Owen, Nicholas McAnulty and George MacKay. If you’ve seen most of the new releases or Oscar nominees already, this is a nice little drama to check out.  It’s the story of a successful sports writer trying to adjust to becoming a single parent after the death … Continue reading