I’ll be back.

I’ve decided to return home to The Pork Chop Express.  I’ve seen over 100 2011 releases, so there has clearly been enough to discuss.  I’ve just gotten away from writing over the past few months and I feel shameful and lazy for it.  I can do better.  My goal for 2012 is to match the number of new movies I watched in 2011 (and still make time to fit in some of those classics that have eluded me) and actually review them.  That’s right, I want to review 100 new movies this year.  Call it a resolution.  Call it a lofty goal.  Whatever you call it, make sure you return to The Pork Chop Express more often in 2012.

Expect new reviews in the coming days and the third annual “Golden Pork Chop” awards sometime later this month or in early February — whenever the hell Carnage, We Need to Talk About Kevin and a few other noteworthy movies finally make their way into Chicago.  Until then, go get a dragon tattoo, buy a zoo, play a game of shadows or whatever else people are doing these days.

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