Top Five 2010 Movies I Haven’t Seen Yet.

I’m going to start doing top 5 lists.  Let’s say I’ll post one every week or so… or basically just whenever I feel like it.  They will be pretty random lists, but hopefully they will be personal enough so you (my loyal readers) will get to know me a little bit.  Here’s the first one.  Why only five you ask?  Well, if it’s good enough for John Cusack, it’s good enough for me.

This is what happens when you live is Small Town, Illinois, and there is no “art theater” within two hours of you.  You miss out on some limited-release type movies.  These are the ones I’m most pissed about missing in the first half of the year:

#5: The Runaways – Sure, it got pretty mixed reviews (62% Rotten Tomatoes) but I’m a sucker for rock biopics and this one showed some promise.

#4: Harry Brown – It looks like your basic Death Wish type of story, but Michael Caine is enjoyable in anything.

#3: The Secret in Their EyesI was one of the few people who weren’t blown away by A Prophet so I was happy when this won the Oscar for best foreign language film.  Hopefully it doesn’t let me down…

#2: Please Give – Catherine Keener is absolutely delightful and I will watch her in anything.  Luckily, this one also has that whole quirky indie comedy thing going for it, which I’m a huge fan of, so it ranks very high on my “must see” list.

#1: The SquareI love film noir, and this one from an tandem of Australian brothers has been gaining favorable comparisons to the Coens’ Blood Simple. It looks super intense.

Have any of you seen any of these movies?  Maybe there are some other independent or foreign movies that I might be missing out on?  Let me know in the comments.

7 Responses to “Top Five 2010 Movies I Haven’t Seen Yet.”
  1. Castor says:

    Well we are in the same boat Kevin, I haven’t seen any of those 5 although they all look very intriguing.

  2. CMrok93 says:

    Harry Brown is a good vigilante film, that although may get crumpled with its message, still has a great performance by the legend Michael Caine.

  3. Good idea for a feature. Harry Brown looks great. I love a good vigilante revenge movie. Really want to see The Secret in Their Eyes and Square too.

  4. mattvolke says:

    I saw the trailer for “Please Forgive.” It looks really good. It played before “City Island” which was also really good. I reviewed it earlier this week.

  5. Ronan says:

    Watched this short piece by the Edgerton’s
    Trailer for The Secret in Their Eyes could be better. Doesn’t tell you much.
    Please Give looks good.

    • The fact that this short was playing with The Square is a large part of why I was so excited about it. I haven’t watched the short yet but I might have to now, even though I don’t like watching things on my computer.

      I’ve heard the feature and short are good compliments to one another, so I’m going to try to wait until the DVD release so I can watch it as a companion piece to The Square.

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