Hidden Gems: Jersey Girl

“Cats” is the second worst thing that ever happened to New York City.”

Jersey Girl (Kevin Smith, 2004)

With Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler and Raquel Castro.

While I’m a huge Kevin Smith fan, I have been putting this film off for years and dismissed it as merely a sell-out fluff piece.  Boy, was I wrong.  Sure, it’s a little milder and obviously less funny than his early work, but Jersey Girl is one of the sweetest and most sensitive movies I’ve ever seen.  I seriously almost cried… and I’ve never cried during a movie in my entire life.  Ben Affleck once again proves that he doesn’t get the respect he deserves as an actor, and Raquel Castro gives one of the best child performances in recent memory.  I’m still not completely sold on Liv Tyler, but her rapport with Affleck is just as good here as it was six years prior in Armageddon.

Rating: 8/10

RIYL: Little Miss Sunshine, Jerry Maguire and Definitely, Maybe.

5 Responses to “Hidden Gems: Jersey Girl”
  1. Simon/Ripley says:

    Eh. Weird. There’s this girl in my film class who swears she knows the little girl from the film in a dance class she takes. I thought she was talking about Abigail Breslin, because, y’know, when I think brunette little girl as plot device, I think Abigail Breslin.

    What timing.

  2. So “Jersey Girl” is better then “Up in the Air’… 😥

  3. Oh bullshit! You’ve never cried in a movie? What about when Littlefoot’s mom dies in “The Land Before Time?”

    If that didn’t make you cry – you do not have a heart.

  4. I don’t remember. I haven’t watched that movie since I was about 3.

    For your other question, I would gladly watch “Jersey Girl” 10 times before watching “Up in the Air” again. I’m absolutely in love with “Jersey Girl.”

  5. I don’t really care for Smith anymore, and we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of movies, but I will check this one out because of your excitement for it.

    You are still a d bag.

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