Tuesday DVD Rundown

I’m done with finals in a few days, so expect the updates to come fast and furious after Thursday.  For now, all I’ve got to cover is a rather uneventful week in DVD releases.

Worth a rental:

Nine (Rob Marshall, 2009)

You can read my theatrical review of this if you like, but I feel absolutely no desire to watch this one again anytime soon.  In short, it’s not an awful effort, just a rather dull and uninspired one.  If you like musicals more than me, or are less of an admirer of the source material (Fellini’s 8 1/2), there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this a lot more than I did.

Also available:

Tetro is the new, little seen film from Francis Ford Coppola.  It’s supposed to be his best movie in years but don’t know much about it aside from the fact that it is in black-and-white.  I like that, no matter how unpopular it may be to the mainstream public.  Sometimes I think it’s best to watch a movie without knowing anything about it.  That’s how I’m going to approach this one.

Tooth Fairy is the latest family friendly flick starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.  As a huge wrestling fan, I used to resent him for abandoning the WWE to make these types of movies.  Then I thought about his daughter.  I’m sure ‘The Rock’ would rather have his little girl see him dress up in a leotard and wings than get repeatedly whacked in the head with a steel chair by massive dudes with monikers like ‘The Undertaker.’  Plus, how can you not love a movie with a tagline like “you can’t handle the tooth?”  That’s just great marketing.

Leap Year looks like a pretty cookie-cutter romantic comedy.  Is it just me, or does it seem like there are more of these types of movies this year than in other years?  Maybe I’m just paying more attention.  Did anyone else notice that this year isn’t even a leap year anyway?  They could have at least waited another year or two.  It just seems awkward, kind of like if last year’s Friday the 13th was released on the 12th of some month.  That movie sucked, but at least they had the common courtesy of coordinating a proper release date.

6 Responses to “Tuesday DVD Rundown”
  1. I am buying “Nine” today. 🙂

  2. CMrok93 says:

    Nine was a fun movie, but just not as you said “inspired”, I still didn’t think Chicago was anybody, hating to say.

  3. Oh come on Kevin. You know I love 8 1/2. And I love “Nine” – due to DDL and other aspects. I still it think it got an unfair rap.

  4. I know you do, but I still think DDL was wrong for the role. He hit all the wrong notes for me, musically and otherwise. Bardem or Banderas would have been much better choices.

    The movie remains watchable for Cruz and Cotillard alone.

  5. I’ll give you Cotillard. Also Dench is pretty damn good in it too. And the opening was pretty balls on.

  6. I heard Nine is not as good as the play it is based on. I have Tetro but haven’t watched it yet.

    BTW, welcome to LAMB. I created a “How To” website called ProMovieBlogger for starting and running a movie and making it the best it can be. Check it out. Your site and its content are good. ProMovieBlogger can help you make them better.

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