Weekly DVD Rundown

Worth a rental:

Crazy Heart (Scott Cooper, 2009)

With Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Robert Duvall and Colin Farrell.

I watched this again over the weekend, but I don’t have much to add to my theatrical review other than the fact that the quality of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s performance became much more apparent this time around.  There are a few scenes where she exhibits the inner conflict of being attracted to this old, worn out drunk so well.

Rating: 7/10

RIYL: The Wrestler, Tender Mercies, Walk the Line.

Also available:

I haven’t seen The Lovely Bones yet, but I’m still strangely intrigued by it despite the fact that it can safely be considered a massive flop.  The reviews I’ve heard have ranged from just “pretty good” to “worthless besides Stanley Tucci’s performance.”  What amazes me the most about this movie is the advertising.  It went from being marketed as a multi-Oscar contender to being targeted to the teen girl Twilight crowd midstream.  It didn’t really catch on with either demographic, but I’ll probably still check it out in the coming weeks.

I don’t usually go for these types of lavish period pieces, but The Young Victoria has one major plus working in its favor: Emily Blunt in low-cut gowns.  Apparently her performance is pretty good, too.  I might check it out sometime, but I’m not promising anything.  Any convincing thoughts from a reader who has seen it?

Oh, and there is this little movie called Avatar coming out on Thursday.  That’s Earth Day, in case you are one of those normal people who don’t pay attention to minor holidays.  Yeah, since Avatar has so much to do with preserving Earth’s natural treasures.  It takes place on another planet for Christ’s sake.  James Cameron refuses to be normal and release his movie on Tuesday like less arrogant filmmakers.  That guy is annoying.  Regardless,  something tells me this one isn’t going to hold up very well minus a massive theater screen and one dimension.  Oh well, here’s your chance to see it if you are one of the 15 people in the world who haven’t already.  Keep in mind, though, that this initial release of Avatar has no 3D and no special features.  Even if you love the movie, I think it would be smart to hold out for the “super jacked-up edition” that is sure to be released later on this year (my guess is around Christmastime).

One Response to “Weekly DVD Rundown”
  1. Don’t even bother with “The Lovely Bones” it’s a solid 4.

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