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Throughout the brief lifespan of this blog, I have been frequently posting my “quick thoughts” mini-reviews.  These are always movies that I have been watching at home on DVD or On Demand that I think are worth checking out, or at least worth commenting on.  I like to keep it short with these types of posts (usually only around 100 words) and write longer reviews for movies in theatrical release since they are more timely.  Those movies deserve more coverage and depth since they would require more of a financial commitment for you to see.

Just to keep things fresh, I’m going to start using different labels for these “quick thoughts” posts.  The preliminary categories I have come up with for now are:

  • The Indies
  • Foreign Flicks
  • Hidden Gems

I could add more as I go, but it seems like most movies I watch/review will fall into these categories.  Let’s face it, I have seen most of the “major” or “essential” movies.  You’re not going to see me review a movie like The Godfather or Fight Club on here.  The idea is that you will see a movie on here, and try to seek it out and see it for yourself.


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