The Indies: The Vicious Kind

The Vicious Kind (Lee Toland Krieger, 2009)

With Adam Scott, Brittany Snow, Alex Frost and J.K. Simmons.

This is precisely the type of indie dramedy we have come to expect out of the Sundance film festival.  Adam Scott (you know him as the asshole brother from Step Brothers) stars as a man who was recently cheated on and now thinks all women are whores, yet he becomes strangely infatuated with a girl his brother brings home for Thanksgiving.  Scott received a well-deserved Spirit Award nomination for his performance.  Brittany Snow’s turn is also a nice departure from her usual work in teen comedies and horror flicks.  I’m admittedly a sucker for these types of movies, but I can’t help it.  They just feel so real, so genuine.  Scott’s character is such a miserable human being, but somehow we still sympathize with him throughout the course of the movie.  It’s a shame that these movies don’t have an opportunity to receive more exposure.

Rating: 8/10

RIYL: The Machinist, Sunshine Cleaning, The Last Picture Show.

One Response to “The Indies: The Vicious Kind”
  1. Kaitlyn says:

    I’m gonna kick you in the face for watching this one without me…


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