Oscar Predictions: Best Actress

The Nominees:

  • Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side
  • Meryl Streep for Julie & Julia
  • Helen Mirren for The Last Station
  • Carey Mulligan for An Education
  • Gabourey Sidibe for Precious

Like I said in my supporting actress post, this category is extremely weak this year.  I can’t help but think that if some of last year’s “losers” appeared in this year’s group, they would have it in the bag.  Anne Hathaway (Rachel Getting Married), Meryl Streep (Doubt) and Angelina Jolie (Changeling) gave more “Oscar-like” performances than anything these nominees have to offer.

My favorite female performance of the year was Natalie Portman in Brothers, but she is obviously nowhere to be found so I’ll whittle away at what I do have to work with.  What a mess…

Helen Mirren is amazing, and that’s part of the reason she won’t win.  She won a few years ago for her enthralling performance in The Queen, which all but eliminates her from the race.  I still haven’t seen The Last Station, and with any luck I never will.

Sidibe was great in Precious, and the more I see her in interviews the more I love her performance.  She exudes an infectious joy and grace that is the polar opposite of the character she portrayed in Precious.  However, she was overshadowed in the eyes of most people by Mo’Nique, and her supporting acting win is all that Precious is going to get.

Meryl Streep was the early frontrunner before Sandra swooped in and stole all her thunder.  This marks her 13th (!) nomination since winning in 1983 for Sophie’s Choice, and it would be a real shame if her cartoonish performance in this abysmal movie was the one that broke her “losing” streak.  As Yoda might say, “funny accent and cute mannerisms do not an Oscar make.”

Sandra Bullock took a course in the “Julia Roberts school of Oscar contending” by slightly altering her usual on-screen character and taking a role in a serious movie.  She was good enough in The Blind Side to basically single-handedly get the film a “Best Picture” nomination.

This year’s award season has been the most predictable in recent memory and I just feel like they have to pull out at least one shocker in the acting categories, all of which are considered locks by most experts.  I wouldn’t be upset if Bullock won, but I’m going to make this my “ballsy” pick and go with this young lady:

Carey Mulligan.  No one knows her, but her star-making performance in An Edication was the best of the nominees.  Mark my words, she is going to be the next big female movie star.  She just has “it.”

Remember a couple years ago when everyone thought “Best Actress” would go to either Julie Christie for Away from Her or Juno‘s Ellen Page?  Virtual unknown Marion Cotillard rose up and snagged the award and she has gone on to become a big star, starring in massive movies like Public Enemies. I think we’ve got a similar scenario this year… at least I hope so.

Prediction: Carey Mulligan


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