Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

The Nominees:

  • Mo’Nique in Precious (I refuse to call it by its full title)
  • Anna Kendrick in Up in the Air
  • Vera Farmiga in Up in the Air
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal in Crazy Heart
  • Penelope Cruz in Nine

Let me preface this by saying that this is an extremely weak category this year (as is the lead actress category, but that’s an entirely different conversation).  Mo’Nique has won virtually every major critic’s award leading up to the Oscars, which is well deserved.  I say this because she gave a strong performance and lacks any strong opposition.

Anna Kendrick’s performance was essentially a one-note role and featured one of the worst crying scenes I’ve ever seen.  She’s out of her league here.  Vera Farmiga’s performance in the same movie was solid, but nothing Oscar-worthy. 

The beautiful and talented Penelope Cruz is one of my favorite actresses, but her sultry performance in Nine offered sex appeal and little else.  Plus, she won last year for her exceptional work in Vicky Christina Barcelona (a far better performance).

I was really happy to see Maggie Gyllenhaal get a nomination for Crazy Heart, which was the biggest surprise in the group.  She was great, but Crazy Heart is Jeff Bridges’s movie.  Everyone knows that.  I have a feeling she’ll be around for a while anyway.  She’ll have her chance in the future.

Mo’Nique is the clear-cut winner here.  The Academy loves villains in these supporting categories, and she was absolutely menacing in Precious.  She has come across as sincere, humble and appreciative in the press, which makes her performance look that much better.  Her acceptance speeches have all been well done, too.  I hope she can hold it all together well enough to deliver her speech.  She’s going to cry.  A lot. 

Prediction:  Mo’Nique for Precious.

6 Responses to “Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress”
  1. I like the picture of Warren Sapp you used for Mo’Nique.

  2. Peyton says:

    My God, that Anna Kendrick crying seen was easily the worst part of the movie. Almost bad enough that she should have been stricken from the Oscar ballot. Mo’Nique will win. And Frank will pay me $10 for it. How Marion Cotillard didn’t get nominated when Penelope Cruz did, is beyond me.

  3. I’m pretty sure Cotillard was being pushed as the lead.

  4. No one was the lead but Day-Lewis. I don’t know why they were going for the lead for her, it was his movie, everything else was a side note to him. She still could lose…four acting categories that are locked…hmmm….

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