B-Movie Awesomeness: Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (Simon Wincer, 1991)

With Mickey Rourke, Don Johnson and Tom Sizemore.

Here’s a movie whose most endearing quality is that it makes no apologies for just how awful it is.  Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson star as Harley and Marlboro in this typical buddy flick about two guys who plan a bank heist in an effort to save their friend’s bar.  As a huge fan of Rourke, I would love to say that his performance is the film’s only saving grace but I just can’t.  This was the stage of his career where he was just making movies for the paycheck, and he is clearly going through the motions and has no grasp of his character here.  As the movie abruptly jumped from scene to scene, I was constantly amazed at how little effort the filmmakers put into creating a cohesive storyline.  “Cool bank heist, I wonder how they came up with that plan,” I thought.  “Oh wow, now they’re in Las Vegas!  Holy shit, I must have missed them hopping on that train!  Wait, what happened to the girl he had to drive home from the bar?”  Perhaps the most ridiculous part of the movie is the way they halfheartedly try to make 1996 into a futuristic society, complete with villains wearing Matrix style trench coats.  Yes, this one has not aged well over the years but that is all part of its charm.

Rating: 5/10

RIYL: Point Break, the Lethal Weapon series.


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