The Indies: The Boys are Back

The Boys are Back (Scott Hicks, 2009)

With Clive Owen, Nicholas McAnulty and George MacKay.

If you’ve seen most of the new releases or Oscar nominees already, this is a nice little drama to check out.  It’s the story of a successful sports writer trying to adjust to becoming a single parent after the death of his wife.  He takes on a “just say ‘yes'” approach to parenting with his extremely energetic youngster, and all seems to be going well until his teenage son from another marriage comes to visit.  The shots of the Australian landscape are beautiful, and the performances of the child actors are strong enough to match up with the typically great work from Owen.  The Boys are Back doesn’t blaze any new trails, but it is very good at being exactly what it is.  If you rent or buy the DVD, make sure to watch the slide show of still shots accompanied by the director commentary.  It’s a fantastic feature that couples stunning photographs with insightful thoughts from director Scott Hicks.

Rating: 7/10

RIYL: The Squid and the Whale, Jerry Maguire, Life as a House.


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