Stinkers: Surrogates

Surrogates (Johnathan Mostow, 2009)

With Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames and James Cromwell.

I watched this movie over the weekend under the rationale of “it has Bruce Willis, and it is only 89 minutes long so how bad could it be?”  The answer?  Pretty damn bad.  It’s biggest problem?  For an action/sci-fi movie, it just isn’t very exciting or fast paced.  There is a glaring lack of ass-kicking and the well delivered one-liners that the usually dependable Bruce Willis has become known for.  When I watch a Bruce Willis movie, I really don’t want to see him acting like a robot for half of the film.  I’m also getting extremely tired of the concept and have seen it done much more effectively in other movies.

Rating: 4/10

RIYL: Skip Surrogates. Watch Strange Days, Blade Runner, Gamer or even I, Robot instead.

One Response to “Stinkers: Surrogates”
  1. Kaitlyn says:

    Jeeeeeepers… a 4. Poor Bruce. He should make better movies

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