Reviews Now Featuring RIYLs!

I’ve decided to add an RIYL (Recommended If You Like) section to all of my reviews, starting with my two most recent “Quick Thoughts” posts.  Basically, it is a short list of other films that you should check out if you like the movie I reviewed (and it also works in reverse).  These movies might have themes, characters, actors, directors or basically anything else in common with the movie I reviewed.  Here’s an example:

Movie being reviewed: Bugsy

RIYL: There Will Be Blood, Citizen Kane, Goodfellas.

Bugsy (reviewed here) is a movie about an obsessive, insecure gangster.  I think you would like Bugsy if you liked any of the films listed under it.

I’ve typically seen this feature used in a lot of music reviews, but I wanted to try it out in my movie reviews.  I hope you (the readers) like it, and get some good recommendations from me.  Let me know in the comments about some other possible site improvement ideas you might have.  As always, comments are much appreciated.


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