Weekly Seven: Denzel Washington Characters

With The Book of Eli hitting theaters this weekend, I have decided to do a rundown of my favorite Denzel Washington characters.  He’s not my favorite actor in the world, but there is no denying his ability to take control of a scene and demand the attention of the audience.  Enjoy.


Movie: Glory (Edward Zwick, 1989)

Character: Pvt. Trip

Best Line: “See the way I figure, I figure this war would be over a whole lot sooner if you boys just turned right on around and headed back on down that way, and you let us head on up there where the real fighting is.”


Movie: The Hurricane (Norman Jewison, 1999)

Character: Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter

Best Line: “This is no place, not for a human being or anybody. Never get used to a place like this.”


Movie: Fallen (Gregory Hoblit, 1998)

Character: Detective John Hobbes

Best Line: “Why are we here? Us, humans? I mean there’s six billion of us, we’re like ants, I mean do we care what ants do, from a moral standpoint?”


Movie: Remember the Titans (Boaz Yakin, 2000)

Character: Coach Herman Boone

Best Line: “You take a look at her. Cause once you step on that bus you ain’t got your mama no more. You got your brothers on the team and you got your daddy. You know who your daddy is, doncha? Gary, if you want to play on this football team, you answer me when I ask you who is your daddy? Who’s your daddy, Gary? Who’s your daddy?”


Movie: Training Day (Antoine Fuqua, 2001)

Character: Alonzo Harris

Best Line: “To protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf.”


Movie: Inside Man (Spike Lee, 2006)

Character: Detective Keith Frazier

Best Line: “What? You gonna shoot me? Go ahead, shit, you got nothing to lose, I damn sure got nothing to lose, so go ahead, shoot me. Shoot me.”


Movie: He Got Game (Spike Lee, 1998)

Character: Jake Shuttlesworth

Best Lines (this one is so good it gets two):

Jesus Shuttlesworth (his son): “I hate my name. What kind of name is Jesus anyway?”
Jake Shuttlesworth: “It’s biblical.”
Jesus Shuttlesworth: “Yeah, no kidding.”

“I pray you understand why I pushed you so hard! It was only to get you to that next level, Son. I mean, you’s the first Shuttlesworth that’s ever gonna make it out of these projects, and I was the one who put the ball in your hand, Son! I put the ball in your crib!”

Note: All of my quotes come from IMDb.  I obviously didn’t have time to go back and re-watch each of these movies.

5 Responses to “Weekly Seven: Denzel Washington Characters”
  1. Michael Hutchinson says:

    Disappointing you left you Man on Fire…My all time favorite movie from my all time favorite actor.

  2. Peyton says:

    I am glad you left out Man on Fire. One of the all time most overrated movies, by one of the all time overrated actors.

  3. Peyton says:

    Man on fire was the shit, I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about. Man on fire should be on here.

  4. Michael Hutchinson says:


  5. Kaitlyn says:

    I’m so confused as to what happened with Peyton’s train of thought here..

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