The Indies: Adam

Adam (Max Mayer, 2009)

With Hugh Dancy, Rosy Byrne and Peter Gallagher

Adam is the story of a young man (Dancy) who has Asperger’s Syndrome and the girl who falls in love with him, Beth (Byrne).  I’m no psychologist, but the film basically explains Asperger’s Syndrome as a high functioning form of autism.  Adam is a very bright person, working as some sort of technical designer for a toy company, but he has a hard time expressing himself romantically.  The film features some truly heartwarming moments and good performances from Dancy and Byrne.  Where the movie falters is with a subplot involving Beth’s father’s legal troubles.  He is self-serving, not supportive of his daughter’s choices, and I really didn’t give a shit if he went to jail or not.  This sub-plot takes time away from the focus of the movie, the relationship between Adam and Beth.  Some important points in the relationship feel rushed because of this.  It is still a good movie that I think you should see, especially if you are at all interested in psychology or these types of disorders.  The bottom line is that every relationship faces hardships, and the one depicted in this movie is no exception.

Rating: 7/10


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