Cool Stuff: The Cinescape (2009)

There is a guy on YouTube named Matthew Shapiro that makes the most fantastic film montage videos, as well as his own trailers for movies like Team America:  Pandora Police and Batman:  The Romantic Comedy.  Today he posted his video for “2009:  The Cinescape,” which is basically a massive montage featuring clips of most (if not all) of the major movies released in 2009.  The video is set to Radiohead’s “Exit Music (For a Film).”  Enjoy.

Check out his YouTube user page for more great videos including “Cinescape” videos for 2006-2008.

One Response to “Cool Stuff: The Cinescape (2009)”
  1. Dave says:

    Great song. I’ll have to check out the ones he’s done for the other years.

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